About Me


Hey that’s me!

My name is Amber Lauer-coles and I am a Research Associate studying Intentional Forensics & Nuclear Astrophysics at Brookhaven National Laboratory. In Dec. of 2017 I completed a PhD in Physics at Lousiana State University under Catherine Deibel in the LSUNucastro lab. I attained a B.S in math in ’07, a M.S. in physics in 2011, both at Portland State University as a member of the Sanchez Nano-develpment lab.

I am also an amateur artist, seamstress, singer, and musician. My dream is to travel the world and into space, and I am inspired by science fiction like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Contact.

If you want to know about my research, please take a look around the site!

I am a member of the American Physical Society, Sigma Pi Sigma (the Physics Honor Society), and the Association for Computing Machinery.
Amber Lauer-Coles, BS, MS, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory
Duke University
BS. Mathematics, Portland State University 2007
MS. Physics, Portland State University 2011
PhD. Physics, Louisiana State University 2017